Dr. Wenker’s Seminar

The other day my mother and I went to Dr. Wenker’s seminar (his specialty is in the picture, haha!) and learned how the brain and intestines are intercorrelated – who ever thought of that? It was an insightful experience.
He had a rare autoimmune disease that attacked his brain, have double vision and not allow him to walk. With the help of essential oils and Ningxia Red, he regained his mobility again and now fully recovered. Again I was reminded the amazing things nature can offer us in the form of essential oils.
He stressed of the importance of being conscious of what you put in your body and to also have a toxin free home – the antibacterial soaps, cleaning chemicals, toothpaste etc. use of too much antibiotics messes up the gut flora of children could be the cause of autism and ADD (I was not wrong! My mother got upset with me that I was tying to stay away from antibiotics as much as possible and the importance of breastfeeding.) Difference of the male and female brain…. how essential oils have a positive effect on the brain and body, also encouraged to be used on your children…. will write more in details later. So thankful little miss 🐒 stayed home with daddy 🐵 I was able to get out and get some useful information that can be used at home!


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