Experience Aroma Lift (R) Facial Massage

The Aroma Lift (R) Facial Massage

The Aroma Lift (R) facial massage is unique and utilizes the best therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living. The Aroma Lift (R) facial massage works deep under your skin on the temporalis muscle.  The temporalis muscle requires a lot of pressure in order to be massaged unlike the outer facial muscle that can be easily massaged even with the lightest stroke.  With the Aroma Lift (R) facial massage you will feel relaxed.  You will feel great during and after the facial massage! 

Some people may also benefit from the facial massage an improved blood circulation.  Improved blood circulation can improve stiff necks, detox of cells and other wonderful benefits for your wellness.

We are certified Aroma Lift (R) therapists.  We are available to offer the facial massage at our home near the Kichijoji area in Tokyo.  Please contact us from the form below (or write to us at info@lavendersandlemons.com) if you would like to experience the Aroma Lift (R) facial massage as well as learn about leading a chemical free life for better wellness.  This unique experience will surely make you feel great!